The ELECTRONIC DE is a digital device that connects a Start Capacitor (that could be integrated with the device up to 120uF) to the Run Capacitor during starting phase when an high Torque is requested and disconnects it when the tension reaches the so-called CUT-OFF, a prefixed programmed value of tension on auxiliary winding equivalent at least to 75% of working tension. The program allows to stay connected just the necessary time for starting, no less no more, saving and not stressing the components, included the Start Capacitor, reducing noise and vibrations. It can support high capacitances and currents and doesn’t need pause between consecutive starts but the necessary time for discharging the capacitor (a discharge resistance is in the circuit) cause all solid state components.

The DE can be programmed, on request, with the function to start up again whenever the motor speed has fallen to a CUT-IN value, indicating that’s stopping, the DE reconnects the Start Capacitor trying to restart (we prefer to limit the attempts at 5). The ELECTRONIC DIGITAL DE is suggested for very hard and stressful applications with high currents and capacitances, frequent starts, and so on.

DE 1.0
Version 1.0 provides an automatically variable Cut-off / Cut-in values according to a variable supply tension: this function allows to get always a perfect working with different tension supplying conditions (for example low voltage due to long wiring runs).

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    DEA 110V, DEB 230V